I-Team: New mystery surrounding local child missing for years

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CLEVELAND -- Police video just released to the FOX 8 I-Team raises more questions about the mystery surrounding an eight-year-old Cleveland girl possibly missing for five years.

New reason to ask, ‘Where’s Nevaeh?’

The I-Team waited weeks for police video from when an officer took a missing person report from a Cuyahoga County child welfare worker. But even though Cleveland City Hall finally released the video, the law department stopped it as the patrolman enters the office.

In other words, we never hear the police interaction with the person filing the report.

In September, a child welfare worker called 911 to report Neveah missing. The worker told the dispatcher the girl’s mom had claimed she had given the child to a relative out of state in 2013. And, the mother also had given conflicting information.

Then, recently, the mother refused to talk to the I-Team. We found her at Juvenile Court as the county took away her other kids. She has eight other kids.

So the I-Team went to city hall. Why hold back that video with a child missing? We’ve learned police aren’t even sure when child welfare workers last saw Nevaeh. And yet, county workers have been involved with the family for years.

The law department finally released a statement saying that police video is “part of an open ongoing investigation and not releasable at this time.”

Cleveland police now investigating with help from other law enforcement agencies. Still doing interviews. More just this week. Eventually, they could bring a case to court for some kind of criminal charges. Not there yet.

Meantime, mom has been no help to the I-Tea m or investigators. And the video that might tell us more—kept secret.

The child’s mother is due back in juvenile court in January for a hearing on whether or not her other kids should be taken away for good.

And we’ll stay on top of the search for Nevaeh.

**Continuing coverage**

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