I-TEAM VIDEO: See how police booked former judge Lance Mason into jail for murder

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- First on FOX, the I-TEAM has video showing how former judge Lance Mason went from hospital patient to jail inmate held for murder, even getting his mug shot taken while in a wheelchair.

Thursday, a grand jury indicted Mason on six charges for killing his ex-wife in front of their kids, ramming a police car, injuring an officer, and more.

Through a records request, the I-TEAM obtained video from the booking room as Shaker Heights Police hauled in Mason.

The video shows him wearing a hospital gown. He’d spent time in the hospital following the crime. He's seen walking gingerly up to a desk.

The video also shows Mason with an arm heavily bandaged. Multiple sources said he had tried to take his own life following the murder.

Officers then get Mason changed into an orange prisoner’s outfit. Then, when they take his mugshot, he’s sitting in a wheelchair.

An officer can be heard saying, “Mr. Mason, I need you to pick your head up. Open your eyes.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley called what happened, “cowardly”, “selfish”, and “barbaric.”

The former judge already did time in prison for brutally attacking the same woman he’s now charged with killing.

If you read some of what folks are writing on social media about Lance Mason, you quickly see it`s vicious. So much outrage.

But when Mason walks into a county courtroom to defend himself he will not face the death penalty. His new charges don`t carry that penalty. The maximum punishment is life in prison with no parole.

The I-TEAM has learned investigators took a hard look at charges that could lead to the death penalty. But, the law says the crime has to involve certain factors.

In the end, there's no argument about this being a terribly horrific crime, yet it didn’t fit within the law for a death penalty case.

Mason has now been moved to the Cuyahoga County Jail where he’s been placed under suicide watch and in protective custody away from other prisoners.

But, the booking room video shows how he started his new life as an inmate again. The final scene from the video shows him being taken by wheelchair out of the booking room. An officer says, “Take you upstairs, alright. Keep your feet up.”

Mason will appear in county court soon for a chance to begin defending himself on the charges in the indictment.

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