VIDEO: Trooper chase ends in crash, seriously injuring woman in other vehicle

CLEVELAND -- The Ohio State Highway Patrol released dash cam video of a chase that ended in a crash and sent a woman to the hospital with serious injuries. State troopers say they found several weapons inside the suspect’s vehicle.

"I feel I'm suffering for somebody else's actions," said Angel, 30, who did not want us to reveal her last name.  She was a passenger in the vehicle that was struck during the pursuit.

Around 5:45 p.m. Friday, November 9, dash cam video shows an Ohio State Trooper trying to pull over a Hyundai Elantra for driving without headlights near East 75th Street and Superior Avenue.

During the short pursuit, the driver blows through several stop signs before slamming into the side of a Chevy Impala on East 79th Street at Wade Park Avenue.

"I remember it was really cold outside and I remember when I finally woke up again, the man asked me, he said 'can you move your legs?' and I said, 'move my legs? I can't move my legs," Angel recalled.

"I can't breathe, my legs is down here, I can't breathe," she could be heard yelling in the dash cam video.

The 50-year-old driver was not seriously hurt.

Both people in the Hyundai jumped from the car. Troopers detained the 16-year-old passenger, but the 22-year-old driver got away.

"I have some broken ribs on my right side and my hips was fractured in three places," Angel explained.

Angel said she spent ten days in the hospital and since then has been in rehab to help her walk again. She said she blames the fleeing suspects more than the troopers who were chasing them.

"I've heard that the people who were in the car had multiple guns, what if that highway patrolman never pursued them in general? They could've went out, robbed somebody, shot somebody, did anything…I cry every day, but I thank God that I'm here," she said.

OSHP said they found a 9mm handgun outside of the suspect’s car and two more guns in a bag inside the vehicle. State troopers said charges are pending against the 22-year old driver, including fleeing and eluding, carrying concealed weapons and aggravated vehicular assault.

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