‘It definitely makes the week easier’: Browns fans riding Sunday’s win into Victory Monday

CLEVELAND -- All eyes were on the TV as the Cleveland Browns brought home a win on Sunday afternoon. A  35-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals made for a new outlook on the rest of the season for some fans.

"The first half we scored four touchdowns, zero for them," said fan, Tom Barberic.

"It's all about the momentum and we've got it," said Matt Thompson, of Cleveland.

The fans at Noble Beast Brewing Company downtown were basking in the victory.

"Quite frankly I'm ecstatic that it's the first Sunday after Thanksgiving that the Browns are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, which I have not seen in years," said another fan.

Fans tell FOX 8 the record of 4-6-1 for the Cleveland Browns means they'll have a good mood all week.

"It definitely makes the week easier and I listen to sports radio on the way to work, and to not hear we should fire the coach, the GM, the quarterback, and everyone else, it's nice, and the city deserves it," one fan explained.

"It's more proof that they are headed in the right direction, this is a solid team, they've got four players, and there's hope and we've been wanting hope for a long time," Thompson said.

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