Cleveland Fire Department giving away free smoke detectors, installation

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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Fire Department is giving out free smoke detectors and will even come to your home to install the new device.

In December 2016, a fire claimed the lives of four people including eight and nine year old children.  The Akron home had no smoke detectors.

Just last Thursday, a fire in Cleveland took the life of one person.  The cause of that fire is still being investigated and it's not known at this time if the home had working smoke detectors.

According to the Cleveland Fire Department 75% of fire fatalities are caused by smoke instead of burns.

That's why the Cleveland Fire Department and the Red Cross started Operation Save A Life.

The program allows the fire department to give out free smoke detectors and come to your home to install them.

"We disperse the smoke detectors out to our fire companies and they schedule to have the installation done," said Lieutenant Chris Jarus.

The new smoke detectors have batteries that last ten years and are louder due to having more decibels.

Cleveland fire fighters will also install more than one smoke detector for free if your home has multiple levels.

"According to the Ohio Fire Code smoke detectors should be on each level in each bedroom, especially with smokers in the house," said Lieutenant Daphney Tyus.

The Cleveland Fire Department has handed out more than 100,000 smoke detectors in 25 years.

Even though the program has been around that long they're always trying to get the word out about it.

Fire officials say the number of fires can increase during the cold months of winter for several reasons.

"Fires are more prevalent in the winter because people are home more. They're using space heaters. They're cooking more which is one of the leading causes of fire," Tyus said.

If you'd like to apply for free smoke detectors you can call Operation Save A Life at 216-361-5535.  It's a 24 hour a day seven days a week hotline.

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