Colorblind California deputy sees ‘different world’ after receiving gift from colleagues

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HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. — A colorblind California sheriff’s deputy saw “a different world” when he was gifted a pair of glasses that allow him to see color.

Jeff Dishmon, a correctional deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, was overjoyed when he received the glasses from his colleague, Correctional Deputy Samantha Freese, according to a video shared on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

Freese, along with other deputies, reportedly pitched in to purchase a pair on Enchroma glasses for Dishmon and gave them to him last week.

According to Enchroma’s website, colorblind people can usually see color, but their eyes respond differently to light, causing confusion. The glasses use technology that filters some wavelengths of light to remove that confusion.

“What do you see?” Freese is heard asking in the video, after she helped Dishmon put the special glasses.

“A different world,” Dishmon replied, crying as he saw a set of rainbow balloons.

According to the Facebook post, Dishmon has been colorblind his entire life which has sometimes brought furstration to him and those around him.

“For the first time in my life, I see all the colors,” Dishmon said in the video,”You wouldn’t believe this place. This whole place is lit up. I mean, the whole world is lit up.”

Dishmon, who was crying in the video is seen wiping his tears and tells his coworkers that he and his wife would now get to watch the sunset together.

You can watch the full Facebook video here:

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