Cleveland man thankful to be alive after being trapped in car for 13 hours

CLEVELAND-- People have so many good reasons to give thanks this holiday weekend, but one local man may have the most unique reason of all to feel lucky to be alive.

In September, the FOX 8 I-Team introduced you to 75-year-old Pete Pyros.

"I'm thankful every moment I'm alive," Pyros said. "To me, it is a miracle. And the problem I'm having is it's hard for me to believe I'm alive."

He spent more than 13 hours on Cleveland's west side trapped in his car.

He went out to his garage, got in his car and the car electronics went dead. His key fob wouldn't work. The horn wouldn't work. He didn't have a cell phone and couldn't find any switch to unlock the doors manually.

Pyros didn't have the strength to break windows. He yelled and pounded, but for hours, no one came to help. He even wrote a goodbye note to be read when someone found him dead.

Eventually, a curious neighbor noticed the garage door open as night fell, and he came over and found Pyros.

"God has been with me. He's been with me and I didn't realize it. It has nothing to do with luck," he told us this week.

Pyros didn't have his car manual with him so he didn’t know down by the seats the car had an emergency switch to unlock the doors.

Turns out the same thing has happened to other people around the country. Now he's spending a lot of time telling his story to warn folks.

"Life is very, very delicate. And very precious."

And now, it doesn't take a Thanksgiving celebration to remind him.

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