Black Friday shopping started early on Thanksgiving day

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PARMA, Ohio -- After the turkey and stuffing digested, many people hit the streets, taking advantage of holiday sales and bargains. Plenty of stores opened their doors this Thanksgiving, some with eager shoppers already waiting in line.

5:00 p.m. sharp, excited shoppers poured into the Best Buy Parma store, in search of pre-Black Friday deals on their favorite electronics.

"I got here at 11:00 last night," said shopper Chris McCree.

McCree and his daughter were first in line. Before the store opened Thursday, the line had wrapped around the building.

"I wish it was still Friday, 'cause it is really about family, but our family does the get together on Saturday," said McCree.

REPORTER: "What are you here to get?”
SHOPPER: “43 inch TV for only $129."

Inside the store there were stacks of televisions of all sizes. Shoppers canvassed the store for bargains on other electronics, including DVDs and computers.

To avoid a mad dash, Best Buy only let in 50 people at a time.

"It's a very good chance for me and I'm gonna purchase a lot of stuff from here today," said another shopper.

There were also crowds bargain shopping at the JCPenney in the Shoppes at Parma.

"We just have been fantastically busy today, it's been wonderful," said JCPenney store manager Debbie Young.

Video from a shopper and FOX 8 viewer showed the long lines inside the store, soon after it opened at 2:00 Thanksgiving afternoon.

"The line was pretty long earlier, but we got in, got out, now we're back after dinner," said shopper Myranda Choquette.

"The air fryers, that's a biggie, anything...small electrics, coffee makers, griddles, sheets and blankets are always another big thing on Black Friday for us," said Young.

"I am the oldest of 8 children, so I like to get everyone's Christmas gifts all together on this one day, get al the deals and save money," said shopper Danielle Burton.

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