David’s Pork Tenderloin Pan Grilled

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Pork Tenderloin Pan Grilled

2 (1 package) pork tenderlons, 2-2 ½  lbs.
Favorite dry rub
Favorite BBQ or grilling sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Trim large sections of silver skin from tenderloins. Cut tenderloin into 2 inch pieces.  Place a piece between 2 layers of plastic wrap (or inside a large baggie). Then using a meat mallet*, pound tenderloin into a filet about 1 inch thick. Repeat with remaining pieces.

Season with dry rub and cook in a lightly oiled fry pan over medium high to high heat. After cooking a couple minutes on each side, brush on a little sauce and cook just long enough to slightly caramelize the sauce (about a minute per side).

I served mine with chunky sweet potatoes and oven roasted Brussels sprouts.


*If you don’t have a meat mallet, you can use a rolling pin or bottom of a heavy pan.

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