Pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? Many say no! Check out your state’s fave holiday pie here…

American’s favorite pie (Photo Credit: GE Appliances)

If you thought everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving pie was pumpkin, you were wrong!

A poll from GE Appliances shows while pumpkin is the most popular type in many parts of the country, people in areas including New England and the West South-Central region disagree.

According to the poll, those who live in the New England region love apple at Thanksgiving, while pecan is the top pick in the West South-Central region. In other areas, the favorite is a tie between pecan and apple.

What about toppings?

The majority of Americans prefer something on their pie. According to the poll, Americans prefer the following:

  • Whipped cream only: 45%
  • Ice Cream: 24%
  • By itself: 17%
  • Served with Coffee: 14%

What do you prefer?