South Euclid police say woman carjacked at gunpoint after vehicle struck from behind

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio — South Euclid police are reminding everyone of something very important after a woman was carjacked at gunpoint.

According to a post on the South Euclid Police Department Facebook page, on November 17 at around 2:18 a.m., a woman was stopped on Cedar Road at Warrensville when her vehicle was lightly struck from behind.

Police say the driver of the other car pulled up next to the female and suggested she follow him so they could take a look at the damage together, off the road.

They pulled onto a side street and, police say, when the woman got out of her car to look at the rear of her car, with her phone in her hand, one of the male occupants grabbed her phone, threatened her with a gun and stole her car.

South Euclid police recommend doing the following if you are ever in a similar situation:

1. Suggest to the other driver that “We call the police to report the accident.”
2. If roadway safety is an issue and you need to pull off of the roadway go to a well lit, highly visible, and busy area.
3. If you are concerned for your personal safety, stay in your vehicle with your doors locked and motion for the other driver to follow. Drive to the nearest police/fire station.

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