No, it’s not a ‘UFO’: The explanation behind the purple light seen in Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- Some FOX 8 viewers on Monday evening shared photos with us of what appeared to be a purple light in the sky.

Some said they spotted the light on 77, just south of the city, while another person tweeted a photo that showed the light could be seen outside Quicken Loans Arena.

The reason behind this?  No, it's not a UFO, as at least one viewer wondered.

In response to a person's question on Twitter, Green City Growers on Diamond Avenue in Cleveland, said: "Who knew being energy efficient would get us so much attention."

The company explained further on its Facebook page, "Who knew what our conversion to more efficient LED lighting in our greenhouse would cause!"

Green City Growers says it is a "3.25-acre hydroponic greenhouse located in the heart of Cleveland connecting urban development and urban agriculture."