Ice storm aftermath leaves trees crashing down, residents without power

WADSWORTH, Ohio -- Crews are working to clean up tree limbs across Wadsworth as branches are still crashing down a day after an ice storm left a quarter inch of ice on trees and power lines.

The sound of chain saws filled the air in Wadsworth as road crews were busy sawing numerous branches from streets Friday.

They crews are also going street to street with a front end loader to clear streets of tree limbs.

Tree limbs fell on a home’s roof and a car on Crestwood Avenue as a result of Thursday's ice storm.

“In the back, the weight from the ice, a big limb which is about the size of most trees, fell and hit the house,” said homeowner Matt McCune.

Mike Yoder is the owner of Anywhere Tree Care. He said he’s heard branches snapping and falling throughout the city.

Yoder advised parents not to let their kids play under large trees until the ice melts.

“Take a look around at what kind of trees you have on your property. Stay away from the trees that have large limbs on them and they’re hanging way down. Some of these branches have a 30 degree bend in them already from the weight of the ice, so if you get more than that they’re snapping off and coming down,” said Yoder.

Yoder said the last thing he wants now are windy conditions because he’s concerned more tree limbs will fall.

The thick, heavy ice also brought down a number of large trees and branches in Alliance; knocking out power to entire sections of town.

First Energy was working hard to restore electricity, but many remained in the dark Friday night including the Walmart Supercenter on West State Street.

“It’s been an unusual 24 hours,” said Mayor Alan Andreani, “I saw trees split right in half.”

Firefighters responded to more than two dozen emergency calls because of the weather and are warning people to be extra cautious until the ice melts.

Many of the trees could still fall, or have limbs break under the weight of the leaves coated in thick heavy ice.

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