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Camel spotted wandering Pennsylvania highway during snowstorm

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SOUDERTON, Penn. — Motorists and internet users alike are bewildered after a camel took a stroll through a snow storm in eastern Pennsylvania Thursday.

The camel, now being called Snow Camel, was spotted on the side of a highway about 35 miles north of Philadelphia, according to New York Daily News.

Pennsylvania journalist Laurie Mason Schroeder tweeted photos of the encounter saying,

“This storms not fit for man nor beast!”

Meanwhile, many people wondered why Snow Camel was wandering the highway and who he belonged to.

And, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia provided answers.  They tweeted,

“This is our camel! His name is Einstein and he’s on his way to our Main Event at the Kimmel Center in Philly tonight. We have treats and a blanket waiting.”

Daily News reports that Einstein was a passenger in a vehicle that got stuck by the roadside.

Parts of eastern Pennsylvania reportedly were “blitzed by up to five inches of snow” and many vehicles were getting tapped on unplowed roads.

Einstein’s driver reportedly let him out for his own safety; the driver feared he would get hurt if the vehicle got rear-ended.

Later, the driver was able to resume the journey to the Kimmel Center with Einstein in tow, according to Daily News.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia provided a Snow Camel update Friday. They are “so happy to hear he’s back home and with his camel friends.”

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