Closings and delays

911 calls from distressed people inside Medina Hospital during active shooter hoax

MEDINA, Ohio --  FOX 8 has obtained some of the 911 calls from distressed people in Medina Hospital during the lockdown for an active shooter claim that turned out to be a false alarm earlier this week.

Tuesday afternoon police received a, now deemed hoax, 911 call saying there was an employee who was armed, and had taken hostages at the Cleveland Clinic Medina campus.

The hospital was reportedly on lockdown for two hours before authorities determined it was a false alarm.

Some patients woke up from procedures during the tense time while others inside barricaded doors.

One doctor who called 911 said he didn't know what to do with his patients who were inside a trailer outside of the hospital.

Here is an excerpt from that call:

Dispatcher: Is there a room you can take them to near that?
Caller:  We're actually parked outside the hospital in like a trailer, a trailer outside the hospital

Police have not yet made any arrests for the suspect made that hoax 911 call about the armed woman with hostages and are still working determining the suspect's motive for the call.

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