Turning shipping containers into homes in Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- On the hunt for a new home?

More and more people are choosing alternative ways to live and they're coming in the form of shipping containers which are super cheap, compact and eco-friendly.

Inside a 40-foot long shipping container is a future cozy 320-square foot home.

The new, energy-efficient structure is the brainchild of Cleveland resident Derrick Childs, owner of Container Homes, U.S.A.

He says the goal is to make home ownership more affordable for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to live the American dream.

The master carpenter creating the concept, he says, out of necessity.

"I was trying to design a ranch home on one level, because my wife has MS -- and she's the CEO -- for her to move around more efficiently; no stairs, no wasted energy," said Childs.

While some of his custom-made container homes are one level, others are massive -- up to 5,300 square feet and bi-level.

The water pipes, sewage and electrical wiring are installed the same as traditional construction.

Timothy Bailey, pastor of El Bethel Family Worship Center, will soon be purchasing an empty lot for a 2,500 square-foot shipping container church.

Bailey said, "It's not traditional; it's expandable, so as you grow, you can continue to grow your ministry."

Creating something out of nothing  is the life story of Derrick Childs.

Having grown up in the foster care system, himself, his next mission is to give back and in a big way.

Plans are in the works to raffle off three container homes to be located in some of Cleveland's most dilapidated neighborhoods.

Childs said, "You may have land; you may have had a home demo'd. All that comes into play because now we take that and we rebuild urban neighborhoods quick -- quick, secure, energy-efficient and sustainable."

While some homes take weeks, months, even years to build or renovate, a container home can take 9 hours.

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