I-Team video: What led to hit-and-run that caused injuries?

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video on Monday showing what happened when a driver barreled out of control into a porch and a car parked in a driveway severely injuring two women and leaving a baby shaken up.

It happened Saturday night near West 104 and Madison in Cleveland.

The video shows headlights coming up the street. But then an SUV veers into a yard and slams into the porch and the car and the people. Despite that, the driver keeps going.

The SUV then crosses the street completely into another yard, takes out a fire hydrant, then gets back on the road.

Going away from the scene, the SUV can be seen with something flapping from the back end of the vehicle where there should be a headlight.

Somehow, the baby checked out OK.

But Lisa Bell suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and more. And Vanessa Fleming suffered a broken collarbone.

The neighborhood has a strong community watch group, and security cameras captured the initial incident as well as the SUV driving blocks away.

Investigators found the vehicle and identified the driver.

Police say the driver told them she had been test driving the vehicle after a friend fixed the brakes. The report shows she also claimed “the power steering or something failed” and she lost control.

Police towed the vehicle to do more investigation.

When the I-Team went to the driver’s home, a woman at the door said, “I know you’re here about the accident.” Then she disappeared inside.

Cleveland police have not filed any charges yet. They will likely take the case to a prosecutor later.

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