Feeling ‘dangerous,’ too? Company makes new Baker Mayfield T-shirt after talk of his Browns win ‘premonition’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Before he rolled out of bed Sunday, Baker Mayfield had a premonition of near perfection.

More than a hunch.

“When I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty dangerous,” the Browns rookie quarterback said with a smile and a hint of arrogance. “I just woke up feeling really dangerous.”

The Browns beat the Atlanta Falcons 28-16 during their best all-around performance in years. And Browns fans have been using Mayfield’s line about feeling “dangerous” since Sunday’s post-game press conference.

And now, they can wear it.

RotoWear, which makes fantasy sports T-shirts, is selling three different colored versions of a shirt paying homage to Mayfield and his quote.

It says “Dangerous” with the ‘g’ switched out with a ‘6’ for Mayfield’s number.

The T-shirt comes in gray, orange and brown and retails for $24.

And remember the Rally Possum? RotoWear also has a T-shirt for that guy still available.

Check it out here.