Company wants to pay you to drink beer all week

SYDNEY, Australia – You may know a few people who qualify for this job.

Sydney Beer Co. in Australia is looking for a Chief Clock Off Officer (CCOO).

One of the main requirements is a passion for drinking beer.

“Are you an avid bar and beer selfie poster? Are you more likely to know where to meet for a beer, than where your next work meeting is? Do you specialise in time away from your desk, enjoying the very best that Sydney has to offer?” the job advertisement asks.

“If the answer is a big fat YES to these questions, we want YOU!”

The company describes the role of CCOO as the first of it’s kind and would suit the type of person who is more interested in organizing Friday afternoon drinks than answering work emails.

Sydney Beer Co. has dubbed that special time when you get to knock off work and go have a few drinks with friends and family as “Sydney Time”.

They are looking for someone who can lead the Sydney Time movement.

“You might be the person in the office who demands the last meeting of the day be held in the pub,” the ad reads.

“Or the one on an All-Staff email crusade who constantly organizes the ‘Welcome drinks’ for anyone new.”

Prospective candidates should send their CV into Sydney Beer Co. along with a creative explanation about why you are the best person for the job.