Honoring veterans in the shadow of murals that reflect their sacrifice

AMHERST, Ohio-- On a cold, but sunny day, a large group of people paused on this Veterans Day to say thank you to all who have served.

But, in Amherst, they did so in front of an extraordinary series of murals that depicts the sacrifice of so many down through the generations.

Artist Mike Sekletar has painted separate murals, side-by-side, to honor those who served in World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The wall of images has become something of a tourist attraction, which the artist never saw coming.

"It's a privilege, really; I just never really anticipated this," he says.

Mike's father, John Sekletar, a Vietnam vet, started this event eight years ago.

Proud of his son for his murals, John says he began the event "just to honor veterans."

The speaker at the event this year was Lieutenant Commander Haraz Ghanbari of the U.S. Naval Reserves.

Ghanbari told the audience that military service "is about serving a cause greater then your own."

For the eighth year in a row, FOX 8 News anchor Lou Maglio emceed the event, speaking about all those who have defended the nation, and its ideals, down through the generations.

"They left their homes and their families," Maglio said, "and they did it for us."

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