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2 in custody after Snapchat threat; no weapons ever involved in Ravenna High School lockdown

RAVENNA, Ohio -- A lockdown at Ravenna High School was prompted by a "potential threat" made on Snapchat Thursday night by one student to another, according to school officials.

The student who made the threat was reportedly located in the school with a "trespasser" from another school Friday morning, according to Supt. Dennis Honkala, but no weapons were ever involved.

"Everybody is safe, and no one was ever in danger," said Honkala.

The lockdown lasted several hours before the school was cleared at just before noon Friday. Concerned parents waited outside the school to take their children home.

Honkala said that Thursday night, a student received the post with a "potential threat of a student coming to Ravenna High School."

Honkala said the student immediately reported the threat. Friday, the suspect student taken into the office when they arrived at the school, and there was another student from another school with him.

"So the school was locked down," said Honkala. "There was no weapon, nothing like that involved,"

Honkala said police searched the school, and nothing was found.

Two people are in custody, said Honkala, including the Ravenna student and the student from another school.

Ravenna School District Friday morning posted that there was a "situation" at the high school but that no one was injured and no one was in danger.

The district's statement posted on Facebook reads:

"All clear, Ravenna High School is out of lock down.

The Ravenna Police Department has finished clearing the Ravenna High School building.

During this morning’s situation, no one was injured. Everyone was safe.

The school day will now proceed as usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We would like to thank the Ravenna Police Department and everyone who supports our community and schools."