Brother of Ohio boy who lost battle to cancer fighting for life after being struck by vehicles

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CINCINNATI — Just 11 days after a Cincinnati couple buried their two-year-old son who died of a rare brain cancer, their older son is in the hospital fighting for his life after being hit by a car as he crossed the road.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Todd and Shilo Allen buried their youngest son, Brody, on October 27.  Brody was reportedly diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer back in May.  The community gathered together to make Brody’s last months on Earth fulfilling and even celebrated Christmas with him in September.

After Brody’s passing, the Allens reportedly went on a cruise with two of their five surviving children. Todd Allen told the Enquirer that “he needed to get his family away.”

While at sea the parents received news that 18-year-old Drew Allen was struck by multiple cars as he crossed a busy street Monday night. The Enquirer reports that Drew was seriously injured.

Greater Cincinnati Fire & Police Incident Photography shared video of the accident on Facebook.

Todd told the Enquirer that their family was in the middle of the ocean when they received the call from the hospital.

“We were headed to Puerto Rico and we made our plane with 10 minutes to spare. It was 2,300 miles in 18 hours for us to get home,” he told the news outlet.

The family reportedly arrived to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Tuesday night to find Drew suffering a serious life-threatening traumatic brain injury, damage to his heart and lungs, multiple compound fractures to both of his legs, damage to his kidneys, a small laceration to his spleen, a broken shoulder blade and a dislocated or broken collarbone.  Drew is unconscious and unable to breathe on his own.

Todd told the Enquirer that Drew is on a ventilator, as well as round-the-clock kidney dialysis and is in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit.

Todd posted on the Team Brody Facebook page Thursday morning asking for the community’s help and support. His statement reads,

“Good morning everyone. I come to you all today in need of urgent help. This past Monday evening our son and Brodys older brother Andrew “Drew” Allen was struck by multiple vehicles while crossing a street not far from our home. He is in critical condition.

Thanks to the immediate and heroic efforts of all the first responders and the brilliant treatment of his doctors and nurses, Andrew is alive today. They have our indescribable love and gratitude for their amazing efforts.

Andrew’s condition is very critical. He has a very serious life threatning traumatic brain injury, damage to his heart and lungs, multiple compound fractures to both of his legs, damage to his kidneys, a small laceration to his spleen, a broken shoulder blade, and a dislocated / broken collar bone.

The doctors have placed Andrew in a state of medically induced paralysis and is heavily sedated. He cannot breathe on his own and is on a ventilator. He is on round the clock kidney dialysis due to the damage sustained to his kidneys. His heart blood pressure and function have been a serious battle to control since arriving. They cannot operate on his compound leg fractures because he is to unstable to under go any surgical procedures. He is receiving the best possible care from an incredible staff of doctors and nurses at the Neurological Intensive Care Unit. Andrew’s situation is dire and we are beyond greatful to have him being treated by such an amazing group of men and women.

Andrew is here because of an accident. It is under investigation. Our families compassion and prayers go out to those involved. I can’t imagine what they are feeling today. I want them to know that we are grateful for the assistance they provided Andrew at the scene and we are praying them.

Eleven days ago we buried our youngest son Brody. Today Shilo and I are again in the hospital facing the very real reality that we may lose another son. Our grief and pain is simply indescribable right now. We desperately need your help. Your prayers helped carry us through Brodys fight with Brain Cancer. They continue to support us as we grieve his passing just a few days ago. Today as I sit at Andrew’s hospital bedside I know that I am not strong enough to do this on my own. Please, if your inclined, pray for Andrew’s healing and recovery. I don’t care what faith, language, religion, or perspective in life you come from. Your prayers, thoughts and well wishes carried us and more importantly, I believe, gave Brody the strength and a little extra time, to live his last days to the fullest with absolute joy. Please, we need your help again. It’s unfathomable that I am asking this of you today. Please pray for Andrew and our family. We cannot do this without you. Thank you all so much. God bless you and your families. The Allen family.”

Colerain Township police told the Enquirer that the accident remains under investigation.

However, you can support the Allen family by contributing to their GoFundMe page “raising money to help support, care for, and pay medical expenses” for Drew.

More on the Allen family, here.

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