Police investigate after woman attacked in bathroom at Browns game

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police are investigating after a woman says she was physically assaulted in the bathroom at FirstEnergy Stadium during the Browns game Sunday. The victim says it was a case of mistaken identity and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What started out as a fun trip turned into a terrifying experience for Laura McDaniel of Wooster when she went to the restroom with a friend.

“I went first, she was holding my stuff. When I went to run my hands under the water, I turned around and some girl just sucker punched me in the face, knocked me right out,” said McDaniel.

Long-time friend Jamie Herman witnessed the events leading up to McDaniel’s attack.

"Just as Laura went in there, there was another girl that started pounding on the stall next to her that there was a man in the woman’s restroom. You could see a guy in the stall with some woman. So, that girl started banging on the door, even kicked it,” said Herman.

Herman said the woman inside the stall rushed out and attacked McDaniel by mistake.

Police believe the assailant assumed it was McDaniel pounding on the door.

“I didn’t see her coming, I didn’t know what was going on. That’s all I remember. And then Jaime picked me off the floor and I remember grabbing my face,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said Browns security rushed to respond and get her medical attention.

“My blood was everywhere, all over the bathroom, all these people were in there, kids were in there, it was awful,” said McDaniel.

“The safety of everyone in and around our stadium is a primary focus for our team throughout the year. We were made aware of the situation on gameday as our security team promptly responded, and we have and will continue to work closely with CDP to help gather all pertinent details regarding the investigation,” said the Browns in a statement Wednesday.

As for McDaniel, she suffered a concussion and is still in pain.

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