Cleveland Fire responds to massive fuel spill at Cleveland Hopkins

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Cleveland Fire department is on the scene of a fuel spill at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The initial calls went out just after 5:30 a.m.

Cleveland fire initially reported a 10,000 gallon spill, but that number has changed a few times.

At last report Cleveland fire believes it is a 5,000 gallon spill.

They also report the leak has been stopped.

Airport officials tell Fox 8 a fuel tanker involved in an accident near a hangar. That caused the spill.

The driver did not realize anything had spilled and continued driving for us much as 1000 feet.

Environmental and Hazmat crews are on the scene.

Cleveland Fire reports they do not believe any of the fuel leaked into the sewers.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is on the way for assessment.

Sewer district and fire will find out if any of the fuel made it to the river.

A private company has been called in to clean up.

It has not impacted flight operations.

Stay with Fox 8 for updates.