Where’s Neveah? I-Team tracks down mother of missing 8-year-old Cleveland girl

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team tracked down the mother of a missing 8-year-old Cleveland girl who’s part of a growing mystery, and the biggest reaction we got when we asked ‘Where’s Neveah?’ was a heavy sigh.

In fact, the mother then scrambled into a restroom to avoid us, and when she came out, she covered her head and was led around by her attorney.

Last month, the I-Team revealed Cuyahoga County child welfare workers recently called police to report Neveah missing. They say her mother claimed she gave the child to a relative back in 2013, but some of her stories didn’t match.

Recently, the county took away 8 other kids from that mother, and on Monday, a judge decided those kids should stay in foster care, at least for now.

Cleveland police and child welfare workers have been investigating to find out what happened to Neveah, but so far, no progress.

Child welfare workers have filed cases against Rishardra Gaston for years, but the first records referring to the missing child were filed in May.

And a worker called 911 to make a missing persons report in September.

Nonetheless, police claim they’ve been investigating for months.

On her way out of court, Gaston again refused to answer questions. The I-Team even asked why she wouldn’t want the public’s help finding Neveah.

Mom’s attorney also had no comment.

Meantime, during the hearing, no fathers of the children showed up to be heard. One sits in prison on a manslaughter charge.

Continuing coverage.

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