Hacking into your webcam: How to make sure it’s not happening on your computers

Hacking into your webcam: We are taking a look at how to know if you are at-risk and how to make sure it's not happening to the webcam on your computers.

Steven Sundermeier of thirtyseven4 in Medina provides antivirus and anti-malware products for home and business use.

He says there are several ways to stop the hack.  "The common sense method would be to simply get a webcam blocker, or, literally, what I would do is take a piece of black electrical tape and put it over it."

It sounds too good to be true, but if the webcam is attached, simply cover it when it's not in use with tape or a post-it or a sliding cover.

If it's an external webcam, turn it off and unplug it; that way if you happen to get hacked, the hacker won't be able to see anything. And if you do have to use your webcam for anything, there's an easy way to ensure your safety.

"Make sure that whatever you are recording, you are comfortable knowing that the whole world at any point in time might be seeing that."

That means nothing identifying in the background, and use a room in your house that can't be linked to you.

**Watch Todd Meany's report, above, for more**

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