Case Western, Little Italy community improving safety measures after student shot Saturday night

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A frightening crime scene in Little Italy, near the Case Western University campus, around 7:55 Saturday night on Murray Hill.

A 20-year-old male Case student was shot in the abdomen at close range during a robbery attempt in a parking lot.

Authorities said during a press conference Sunday the incident was a possible carjacking.

The student had to be rushed to University Hospitals for emergency surgery.  Officials said the student is recovering at UH with his family at his side.  As of Sunday afternoon, he is being moved from the ICU to a regular patient room.

"It's pretty scary and unfortunate it happened on this campus," said Case student Joe Shulia.

"I'm definitely happy he's recovering. It could have been a different story if it was fatal. Hopefully he's okay," said Case student Taylor Bova.

"I feel remorse for the kid. Thank God the people got caught," said Case student Murathan Kahyaogoe.

As for the two suspects, ages 18 and 19, the crime took another turn.

Police say the suspects were spotted at an RTA station on Mayfield Road. They fled and were reportedly caught on E. 123rd Street and E. 119th Street.

The suspect caught on E. 119th Street was hiding in a ditch, according to authorities.  Police reportedly hoarded the suspect out of the ditch and the suspect engaged in confrontation with the officers. The suspect then shot at the responding University Circle police officers and they returned fire.  None of the officers were hit.

The suspect was shot.  He was transported to University Hospitals and needed surgery.  Police said he is in critical condition.

Both suspects are in custody.

Even so, police brought in extra police officers and increased patrols Sunday to help make students feel safe.

Several students said they feel this shooting is an isolated incident and they feel safe on campus.

"I still feel safe on campus after what happened. It's coincidence. It doesn't really happen on campus," Bova said.

"It's sad when anybody gets shot, but I definitely feel safe on campus," said Kahyaogou.

"I feel safe on campus. I think this is a really unlucky circumstance. I don't think this is something that's going to occur in the future. Case has done a good job with their security. I'm not concerned," said Shulia.

Police said the victim's friends are being credited with helping to save the his life by applying pressure to the gunshot wound until police arrived.

Members of the Cleveland Division of Police Use of Force Investigation Team are investigating the police shooting.

CWRU is working with the Little Italy community to improve safety, not just on their campus, but in the community as well.  The university said they are working with police and talking to the community to work to prevent these instances from ever happening.

The university will also be holding a Facebook Live Sunday night where they will take questions.  They said they are currently looking at different measures to reach out to students after this difficult incident.

"It's difficult to be able to guarantee we can prevent instances like this from ever happening. That's what I would love to be able to say. Believe me more than anything I would like to be able to deliver on it, but we can't do that because we don't control everything that happens," said CWRU President Barbara Snyder.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:32 pm

CWRU: Student had successful surgery

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:35 pm

Police: Around 8:05pm University Circle PD received call of male shot on Murray Hill Rd. PD picked up call and forwarded throughout PD, located 2 possible suspects on Mayfield Rd. Suspects caught on E.123 and E.119. One was hiding behind a garage in a ditch.  He was hoarded out of the ditch and confrontation was made. Suspect fired shots at officers, PD returned shots.

All 4 officers were not hit. EMS treated suspect, took to UH. Cleveland PD is handling complete investigation — shooting on Murray Hill and altercation with PD.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:35 pm

Police: Robbery was possible carjacking but we are not sure yet.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:37 pm

CWRU: We are working to increase security, protect our campus. Working with police and talking to community to work to prevent these instances from ever happening. We have increased police force since our founding and increased amount of campus surveillance, which are good things, but not fool proof.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:38 pm

CWRU: We got out alerts quickly, but had to be honest when we didn’t know information.  We wanted to ensure campus community knew the suspect had been apprehended and that the student was in surgery, then out of surgery.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:38 pm

The suspect in the hospital is in critical condition.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:39 pm

CWRU: We are keeping everyone involved in this incident in our prayers.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:40 pm

We wanted to make sure that the community was informed and on the look out until the suspects were apprehended.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:41 pm

This was a testament of how this community came together to make sure the suspects were apprehended.  We will have safety meetings in the Little Italy community and with the Case community to improve safety in the area.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:42 pm

Police: Both Cleveland and University Circle PDs are working together to support the entire community.  We are here to make sure everyone is safe and secure.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:42 pm

The suspects are 18 and 19 years old. They are not CWRU students.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:43 pm

CWRU: Will be having a FB live tonight where they are taking questions and are currently looking at measures to reach out to students after this incident.

Natasha Anderson November 4, 20183:45 pm

Shooting was in Little Italy near CWRU campus, but not on campus. Suspect who was shot is in critical condition. Victim is being moved from ICU to regular room. Incident was a possible carjacking.