Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims remembered at vigil in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD— The eleven victims of Pittsburgh’s deadly synagogue shooting were honored and remembered during a vigil at Lakewood Park, Saturday, just one week after the tragedy.

A group came together, with the help of the Jewish Lakewood Alliance, to read their names and reiterate the point that “Hate continues to have no home here”.

Vigil-goers explained the events that happened at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh are still fresh and so painful.

"This is a reminder for everyone to come together and support each other,” said Judy Wright, who attended the vigil.

People wrote on concrete with chalk, sending messages of love: “Love is greater than hate, and “Spread acts of kindness,” were just a couple of examples.

“How do you fight fear, love acceptance, embracing and community,” said Tim Collingwood, of the JLA.

This isn't the first time there have been messages of love written in Lakewood. Back in August of 2017, anti-Semitic messages were written on a neighborhood driveway.

There was a chalk explosion of love shortly after.

“That's what Lakewood has done in cases of anti-Semitic racism,” Collingwood said,

Collingwood hopes to have more gatherings to remember the victims by showing strength, support, acceptance, and love.

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