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Thief steals toilet after ransacking West Virginia home

HUNTINGTON, W. Va. — We’ve all heard the expression “taking everything except the kitchen sink,” well, these thieves thought everything included the household toilet.

According to WKYT, West Virginia resident Barry Hyder came home from his daughter’s wedding to a bizarre burglary last Saturday.

When he got to his house Hyder reportedly found his back door wide open.

He told WKYT that someone had climbed through a window and into his home, leaving the place “ransacked.”

And, according to the news affiliate, the intruder had stolen Hyder’s TV, computer and a brand new toilet.

Hyder reportedly said he was fixing a leak in the bathroom, so he had purchased a new toilet that he planned to install when he finished the remodel.  Hyder told WKYT that he had left the toilet sitting in a box in his living room.

“How desperate are you that you steal a toilet of all things?” Hyder reportedly said, “It’s fitting you stole a toilet, because this is a bunch of crap.”

Even his neighbors are confused by the thief’s actions.

“I don’t understand why somebody would steal a toilet,” Hyder’s neighbor Ashley Holland told WKYT. “It’s very sad for somebody to break into somebody’s house to steal a toilet.”

Hyder’s home has reportedly been broken into three times in less than a year.  He told WKYT that the toilet theft is the “last straw” and he’s making plans to move to Tennessee.