Maybe Justin Bieber actually does know how to eat a burrito

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When a picture of Justin Bieber biting into the side of a burrito was posted to Reddit last week, it didn’t take long for it to rise to the top and spark an international debate about the proper way to eat a burrito.

It was reposted on countless celebrity websites and shown on newscasts (including Fox 8) around the world.

The group that posted the picture came clean on Sunday. It was all a prank.

A video production group called Yes Theory posted a video to YouTube Sunday showing how they pulled it off.

“We wanted to prove a point. That staging a viral story can be done much easier than anyone can imagine,” the video explained.

The group turned to Justin Bieber lookalike Brad Sousa. They flew him from Canada to Los Angeles to pull off the prank. He was fitted with a blonde wig, seated on a park bench, and given a burrito. The rest is internet history.

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Justin Bieber has not responded to the original picture or the revelation that it was all a prank.

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