I-TEAM: New justice after wrong-way crash

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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Felony charges have now been filed against a suspected wrong-way driver for a crash that left a motorcycle rider critically hurt. The charges come after the FOX 8 I TEAM investigated why the driver had only been hit with traffic tickets.

The crash happened last month on I-480 near Lee Road in Warrensville Heights.

A group of bikers rode up the highway, and one recorded video with a camera on his helmet. The video shows a driver coming the wrong way, making a u-turn in the middle of the highway, and colliding with Rob Hegedus on his motorcycle. The driver didn’t stop, and other riders then chased her and stopped her.

Warrensville Hts Police initially filed minor charges, misdemeanors, against Marquetta Adams.

The I-TEAM asked why -- in light of the victim’s injuries and, as records showed, the fact that Adams had a suspended license -- they only filed minor charges.

The city then said the case was under review. And since then, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors looked into the case and took it to a grand jury.

Now, Adams has been indicted for Aggravated Vehicular Assault and Failure to Stop After An Accident.

The Prosecutor’s office said, if convicted of the Aggravated Vehicular Assault charge, Adams will go to prison. The Prosecutor’s office said that charge carries a mandatory 9 months to 36 months in prison since the crash happened as the driver’s license was suspended. The judge could also tack on another year for the other charge.

We broke the news to Hegedus. He said, "It's nice to see that they're actually gonna step up. It's sending a message out there that, you know, you can't get away with doing what she did, basically."

When contacted earlier, Adams would not talk to the I-TEAM about this. She will go before a judge to start defending herself on the new charges next month.

Hegedus added, " I would love an apology. She pretty much left me for dead. That's what bothers me the most, I think."

As the case begins to move through court, Hegedus is just beginning a long road to recovery.

Continuing coverage, here.

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