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2018-2019 Winter Weather Outlook

CLEVELAND -- The 2018-2019 Winter Weather Outlook is out and northeast Ohio is looking colder than usual, with a chance of normal snowfall.

FOX 8 meteorologists have higher confidence in the temperature pattern of this upcoming winter, but think snowfall could be a bit of a wild card.

Overall, northeast Ohio is expected to be in the "chilly side of things" but our meteorologists think we'll have either normal or slightly low precipitation, at least out side of the snowbelt.

However, with the way the jet stream is falling it won't take much to change that.

Overall, our winter is looking colder than normal -- especially in January and February -- and near normal for December.

Snowfall is expected to range between 58 and 68 inches -- normal is 66" -- but with a this wild card Modoki El Nino year snowfall predictions could change.

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