WSJ examines the ‘awkward etiquette of iPad tipping’

You’ve probably experienced that awkward moment when a clerk swipes your credit card and then spins the iPad around. A prompt on the screen asks if you want to add a tip or leave no tip at all. The pressure is on. What do you do?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, consumers are increasingly facing that “ritual at bakeries, coffee shops, food trucks, and other businesses that use tablet credit-card readers such as Square.”

The decision has to be made as the clerk stands there and other customers are waiting behind you.

“It guilts you into it,” one man told the Wall Street Journal. “It absolutely does, because they are standing there.”

A clerk at Squeeze Juice Company in Boston told the paper he doesn’t like watching the ritual play out.

“I feel so weird,” Johan Velez said. “We fee like we are pushing you to give tips.”

One woman said she will tip for exceptional service but is surprised by how often the iPad tip prompts appear.

“You buy a muffin, and you tip the person who carried it 14 inches from the case to the counter? Please,” Susan Randall said.

According to The Emily Post Institute, there is no obligation to tip counter help. But the Vermont-based authority on manners, recommends occasional counter tipping for notably good service.

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