Teen honored as ‘Heart Hero’ for saving track coach’s life

BEACHWOOD, Ohio -- A heartwarming moment was shared as a Twinsburg teenager was honored Wednesday night for saving the life of a track coach one year ago to the day.

Cameras were rolling as 17-year-old Nicole Fruscella revived Twinsburg assistant track coach Chuck Glover with an AED after a massive heart attack last October.

One year later, Nicole and Coach G were honored at the University Hospitals Heart Heroes Celebration in Beachwood.

“I warned her a long time ago I won’t be able to look at her without crying and giving her a hug. I owe this lady so much,” said Glover.

In the past year, Glover underwent surgery after doctors discovered nearly 100% blockage in a main artery.

He’s also made some major changes.

“I’m more cognizant of my health. I’ve lost 25 pounds, instead of working out 3 days a week, I work out five days a week now,” said Glover.

Fruscella is now a senior in high school.  And she is still a lifeguard at the Twinsburg Fitness center.

“I’m still doing all the training I was doing before. But I’ve started an organization for AEDs because many facilities don’t have them. In Ohio, it’s not a law that you have to have an AED in a facility,” said Fruscella.

University Hospitals had a special surprise in store for Nicole.

They donated an AED to help jump-start her program, AED Angels. 

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