Toddler safe, Men who dropped her on the side of the road at large

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police are searching for two men who stole a car with a two-year-old girl in the back seat.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when it happened around 9 p.m. at the Sunoco on East 185th Saturday.

Video shows the mother walk into the gas station to pay.

That’s when two men hanging out at the nearby bus stop run over, jump inside, and take off.

“I was sitting there, watching TV with the wife and something said go outside to the porch,” said Carl Bell, who lives two blocks from the gas station on Neff.

Bell says he heard a car come speeding down the street and turn right before his house.

“The car stopped suddenly; a door slammed shut, and then it took off again. I looked again and there was a little girl standing there by the pole, crying there. I tell my wife to call the police because someone put a baby out the car,” said Bell.

Bell says the toddler was standing in the rain, crying, scared, and confused.

“When I got over there, she grabbed my hand and all I wanted to do is get her in the house,” said Bell.

And she stayed there, until police were able to reunite her with her mother.

Meantime, police spotted the SUV overnight Tuesday near East 128th and Shaw.

However, after a short police pursuit and crash, the men were able to run away.

“I thank God that the mother and child were reunited. God sent me out on that porch. God had me out when he wanted me to be there,” said Bell.

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