‘Our jaws just dropped’: Neighbors worried about drivers blowing through stop signs in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- The signs read stop, but neighbors say drivers keep blowing right through them and it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

“No one stops; they never stop. It’s a four-way stop and no one ever stops,” said Showana Costello. “They speed through. It’s not like they roll through; they speed through!”

Costello lives near the intersection of Athens Ave and Waterbury Rd in Lakewood and has already witnessed one serious accident.

She says several other parents are worried their children could be hit by a vehicle crossing or just living near the intersection.

“It is very nerve-wracking,” said Costello.

Pet owners are also extra careful when walking their dogs.

“I prefer to have no cars near the intersection when the dogs are crossing the intersection,” said Christine Mason, who witnessed a near-miss at the intersection. “Our jaws just dropped, because a health care van roared down the street, had to be 50 mph and then she cut the turn and flew over that tree lawn there.”

After nearly getting hit, one woman posted to Facebook cellphone video of cars flying through the intersection, and tried asking people to stop, but received numerous mean and aggressive comments from defiant drivers.

FOX 8 reached out to Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers who takes traffic safety very seriously.

“Running a stop sign or traffic light is just about the most dangerous behavior in a very busy city such as Lakewood,” said Mayor Summers. “We can and often do set a special watch for an intersection, and study traffic patterns to seek to identify different designs that might help.”

Lakewood police can also help identify “hot spots” using surveillance cameras. FOX 8 witnessed drivers definitely slowing down and stopping at the stop signs when officers were near the intersection Monday night.

The mayor says neighbors can help by keeping track of specific times of day and days of the week that are problematic, then forwarding that information to city council and the mayor's office.

It all sounds good to neighbors, but with Halloween right around the corner they’re asking drivers to please slow down and be sure to stop, before a child is hurt.

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