Hue Jackson to infuse himself into offense as Browns get ready to take on Steelers

BEREA, Ohio -- Changes are coming in Berea for the Cleveland Browns this week after the team fell to 2-4-1 following an overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Head coach Hue Jackson reaffirmed on Monday that he will be infusing himself into the offense, but that doesn’t mean he will take over the play calling duties.

“I still think that two heads are better than one in certain situations,” said head coach Hue Jackson. “Obviously, somebody has to lead it and that is Todd’s job, but at the same time, if I see something where I can help and help us be a little bit better, I think that is my job, as well.”

The Browns have struggled to move the football offensively in the first quarter, let alone score points. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley scripts the opening offensive plays but Jackson doesn’t believe that’s the issue and that’s why he wants to get more involved.

“For seven games now, we have not been able to score much in the first quarter. We have not started fast enough. We have not had a very good start, and we are firing on all cylinders in the second half,” said head coach Hue Jackson. “My whole thing there is if we can put it together – first half and second half – then maybe we will have a better chance of finishing some of these games and winning."

The Browns are 2-4-1 heading into a showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday on the road. The team has lost two straight games but hasn’t learned quite yet how to win the close ones. Jackson believes, despite his win-loss record, that he has the backing of ownership because of conversations he has had with both Jimmy and Dee Haslam and General Manager John Dorsey.

“I do not feel any extra pressure of, ‘Boy, Hue, you better win or else.’ I have never felt that since I have been here,” said Jackson. “I am trying to do the best job that I can with the staff and with the players, and we have to find a way to win some games. That is just the nature of the business.”

The Browns will get another chance Sunday to end their current losing streak. They are also looking to snap a road losing streak which stretches all the way back to Oct. 11, 2015.

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