LeBron James shares frustration over Browns’ overtime loss

CLEVELAND — LeBron James is just as upset about the Browns’ loss to Tampa Bay Sunday as we are.

After the Browns fell to the Buccaneers 26-23 in overtime, James took to Twitter, sharing the same frustrations that all Cleveland fans were feeling.

James said, “Kickers been missing from 15-20-25 yards out with nobody else on the field all year but OF COURSE he would make from 59 yards out vs the Browns.”

James is referring to the 59-yard field goal kick that cost the Browns the game.

Buccaneers’ placekicker Chandler Catanzaro had blown a 40-yard kick with 4 seconds left to play in the fourth quarter, sending the game into overtime.

Needless to say, everyone was shocked and angry when Catanzaro’s overtime kick, which was even further out, was good, giving Tampa Bay the win.

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