Man eats 400 Skyline Chili dogs to conquer food challenge

CINCINNATI — Would you accept the challenge to eat 400 Skyline chili coneys in 365 days?

Well, according to WLWT, 32-year-old Ben Cohn accepted the challenge and even completed it two months early.

Cohn had an entire year to eat 400 cheese coneys and reportedly ate his 400th chili dog on Thursday.

WLWT reports that Cohn’s Skyline challenge began on New Years Day when his friends wanted him to eat an entire party sub, which he couldn’t do. So, instead he accepted the challenge to eat 400 coneys throughout the year.

Cohn told WLWT he generally eats four coneys at a time and the most he ever consumed in one day was 10.

“I’m sure the folks at the Harrison Skyline that work the drive thru would be able to pick my voice out of a lineup if they made everyone say ‘4 cheese coneys, no onion, no mustard,'” he told WLWT.

Cohn reportedly ate most of his 400 coneys at the Skyline in Harrison, but also enjoyed a few at the Great American Ball Park where the the Cincinnati Reds play.

He told the news station that Skyline has been very supportive of his challenge — they even sent him a gift basket to congratulate him on his victorious conquest.

He reportedly said that, to his knowledge, he is the only person to join the “400 Club,” which is why he had a custom t-shirt made.

But apparently Cohn doesn’t want to remain alone in this club. He said he hopes to invite others into the challenge next year.

And, when WLWT asked Cohn if he ever got sick of eating coneys, he provided a response that only a true Ohioan would have:

“I think I could be on my 1,000th coney and it would be just as delicious as the first. I can’t think of an instance during this whole process where I was just reluctantly eating coneys to reach my goal. I doubt I would have made as many Skyline trips without the goal of 400 coneys, but anytime I have an excuse to eat there more frequently, I’m all for it,” Cohn told WLWT.

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