Bundle up and look up! Orionid meteor shower this weekend

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The sky will light up this weekend as the Orionid meteor shower peaks.

The moon will lead to subpar views for this night sky display. The meteors that streak across the sky are some of the fastest among meteor showers, because the Earth is hitting a stream of particles almost head on.

The shower occurs every October when Earth passes through debris from Halley’s Comet. The meteors are visible from anywhere on Earth, according to Space.com.

The meteor shower will happen on October 21 and 22 with 2 a.m. being the peak time on both nights.

The Orionids are named after the direction from which they appear to radiate, which is near the constellation Orion.

If you can find Orion, focus your eyes as if you were looking over Orion’s shoulder.

If you miss the peak, the show is also visible between on October 29 around the same time, as long as the moon isn’t washing the meteors out.

Here are four tips on how best to view the show:

Get far away from city lights.
Go out around 1:30 a.m. and let your eyes adjust to the dark for about 20 minutes.
Lie back and use only your eyes to watch the sky.
Binoculars and telescopes won’t improve the view, because they are designed to see more stationary objects in the sky.

Will the skies be clear over Cleveland? The Fox 8 weather team will keep you posted, but right now it looks like clouds might be a problem.

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