Waterspout sightings! Check out video of the waterspout we spotted by the Fox 8 studios…

The Fox 8 roof camera captured a waterspout that popped up over Lake Erie Wednesday.

Check it out above!

Viewers in Cleveland and other spots along the lake in NE Ohio have also shared photos and videos of waterspouts they spotted.

They appeared to be ‘non-tornadic’ or ‘fair-weather’ waterspouts.

Those are, by the way, the most common type.

While it may look like waterspouts are sucking water up out of the lake, that’s not the case.

The funnel-looking phenomenon is actually the product of water droplets formed by condensation.

A waterspout usually lasts less than twenty minutes, so if you see one, take some time to enjoy it!

Did you snap a picture of a waterspout?

If so, please add it to our gallery by clicking the ‘Submit’ button below! Or if you are on mobile, email to tips@fox8.com.

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