11 infant bodies found hidden in former funeral home ceiling in Detroit

DETROIT — Bodies of eleven babies were found in a hidden compartment in the ceiling of a former funeral home in Detroit.

According to WDIV, construction workers found the bodies Friday while working on converting the funeral home into a community center.

The bodies were reportedly found in a hidden compartment in the ceiling of the building; WDIV said nine were found in a cardboard box and two were found in caskets.

WDIV said that Detroit police have ordered an entire building search to ensure there are no additional bodies inside.

This comes after Michigan inspectors reportedly shut down Cantrell Funeral Home in April after discovering the funeral home had several violations “including decomposing remains and deplorable conditions.”

In April state inspectors found decomposing bodies in an non-refrigerated garage and a back room of the home, WDIV reported.  Officials allegedly found seven bodies in caskets, three bodies in cremation containers and ten bodies just lying on tables.  The bodies had been reportedly decomposing for months.

Cantrell Funeral Home’s mortuary science establishment license was suspended then, according to WDIV.

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