Local trash collector brings 2-year-old boy toy garbage truck

KIRTLAND, Ohio -- A local trash collector goes above and beyond his duties every week to make a little boy smile.

2-year-old Ben gets excited to see his local garbage worker stop by their Kirtland home to collect their trash each week.

Every Monday the trash collector gets out of his truck to say hello and give Ben a hi-five, Ben's mother Liz Markey told FOX 8.  This interaction always makes Ben's day.

Markey said that during their weekly meeting Ben gives the worker two Snickers bars; in fact, as soon as he hears the truck coming down the street he runs to grab the candy.

However, this week the trash collector brought Ben a special surprise -- a garbage truck of his own.

"He is the sweetest service man and is always so nice to my son," said Markey, "This is just a huge reminder of how far a little kindness and love can go!"

Markey is grateful that their garbage man is so kind and says she wishes "we had a lot more people like him in this world!"