I-Team: Domestic violence suspect busted again after break from court

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I-Team has found a man facing a domestic violence charge has been arrested again after getting released from jail with an ankle bracelet and going where he wasn’t allowed.

This case comes just days after the I-Team revealed a new program in Cleveland Municipal Court releasing suspects to wait for trial wearing ankle bracelets under GPS monitoring. The court told us last week, the program would be used mostly for suspects in domestic violence and aggravated menacing cases.

Records show Ronald Wickham got released under electronic monitoring, and almost immediately he violated his orders.

He had been arrested originally for beating a woman already confined to a wheelchair on the city’s west side.

We broke the news of his new arrest to the family of that victim unaware Wickham had been caught breaking the rules of his release with an ankle bracelet.

A relative of the victim told us, "I want to know where he was, what he was doing." She added, "I don't want him to know where she's at cause I don't know what he's gonna do. I don't want him coming around here."

The court said last week, judges would not give ankle bracelets to suspects considered risky with long criminal records. In fact, we could not find serious crimes in local records for Wickham. And yet, the new arrest.

The I-Team wondered how many suspects with ankle bracelets might break the rules. The city court program is just starting. Twenty-three defendants have been given ankle bracelets; three have violated.

The Cuyahoga County Court has, for years now, put ankle bracelets on some felons. About 10 to 15 percent of those people in county court cut off the GPS devices or go where they shouldn’t go.

The electronic monitoring for Cleveland Municipal Court is 24/7. But there’s no set time for when law enforcement will go out and look for those who set off an alarm going into areas where they shouldn’t be.

Meantime, the court is now reviewing the entire case involving the GPS monitoring for Ronald Wickham in the case with the disabled victim.

For now, records show Wickham held in jail awaiting the next hearing in his case.

The court could not immediately tell us exactly where Wickham went to set off an alarm, or how he got arrested after that.

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