Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson gives the 2018 State of the City address

CLEVELAND -- Mayor Frank G. Jackson and the City of Cleveland hosted the State of the City address Wednesday night.

City of Cleveland residents, neighborhood organizations, business leaders and members of the general public were invited to attend the address.

Mayor Jackson said he is committed to continuing the work of growing the city, while improving Cleveland’s neighborhoods.

He believes Cleveland is a successful city but not a great city.

The mayor told an audience at City Hall that in a 'great' city, 'all' citizens share in the success.

He outlined successes in his administration and how the city has moved forward since the great recession and massive cuts in state aid.  He stressed that improvements in police protection are being made while acknowledging that the task is difficult.

Jackson said he is working to make improvements towards the opioid crisis and gun violence as well.

The mayor also said more officers are being added to the police force and that officers are getting new training that'll help in the fight against crime.

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