‘Look how beautiful it is’: Snoop Dogg thanks Cleveland for LeBron and praises Dawg Pound

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Snoop Dogg, one of hip hop's biggest stars, stopped at Fox 8 News Wednesday morning.

He's in town talking about a new screenplay based on his life, "Redemption of a Dogg," which will be on stage at Playhouse Square later this month.

But he also took a few moments to talk about Cleveland, LeBron James and Cleveland sports.

He said he's gotten together with LeBron James since he went to the Lakers and that they are lucky to have him.

"I loved LeBron when he was here," he said. "I hated him when he used to play against us, but I love him as a basketball player. I love how he is on and off the court, the way he brought back opportunity to this city. I remember what this city looked like before he got here, and once he got here and then when he left, and then when he brought all those jobs back and the championship back. And I arrive through Cleveland now, and look how beautiful it is. He's a tribute to a lot of that."

"For us to have him in L.A.," he continued, "thank you Cleveland for giving him to us for four years, and we're gonna take good care of him."

Also during his visit, Snoop Dogg admitted he's been a Steelers fan since the 1970s.

"But at the same time, I do love the Dawg pound, so don't get it wrong," he said.

Watch above for more.

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