Cleveland police officer faces charge after testing positive for cocaine while on duty

CLEVELAND- The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a Cleveland Police officer facing a weapons charge after testing positive for cocaine during a drug test on duty.

James Hummel has been charged with Using Weapons While Intoxicated.

Court records show, in August, Hummel showed up for work in uniform with his Glock 19 handgun. He took a drug test, and then he went back to work with that same gun. But two days later, the drug test results came back “positive for cocaine.”

The Cleveland Police Union President says Hummel then went into a drug and alcohol rehab program. And he will be placed on restricted duty, office work, as the criminal case plays out.

Union President Jeff Follmer said, “We don’t condone anybody on this job doing cocaine. But people do have addictions.” He added, “But this is another attempt by the City to overcharge on charges that wouldn’t be filed against regular citizens.”

Hummel is due in city court later this month to begin answering the charge.

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