American Red Cross needs volunteers to aid Hurricane Michael relief efforts

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CLEVELAND -- The American Red Cross is looking for volunteers to aid in Hurricane Michael relief efforts.

The monster hurricane violently roared Florida shores Wednesday, leaving torrential rain and 155 mph winds, causing a path of destruction for more 50 miles inland.

Now, Red Cross volunteers from northeast Ohio are heading into the disaster zone

"My job is to bring compassion and i just cant wait to get there and do it," said Theresa Greenlief.

Red Cross volunteers just got back to Ohio from the Carolinas and are going out again.

Jim McIntyre says, they need more volunteers and they need them now.

"We still had more than 500 people in shelters in North Carolina last night," McIntyre said, "We still have thousands of Red Cross volunteers who are working the Hurricane Florence disaster relief operation."

And, Hurricane Michael could be even worse with devastating flooding.

At Hopkins Airport Wednesday some evacuees were desperately trying get home

"I'm not scared for me," said Katie Poeta, "I'm more scared because I have two cats and I love them and if anything happened to them, crazy, it would be really hard to make sure they are okay."

Douglas Lang, a Canton native, said his concernĀ For his elderly neighbors motivated him to ride out the storm in Panama City Beach.

"It would've been extremely difficult for them to be in a shelter or move so do everything we can to help them out and keep them safe," said Lang.

While hundreds of thousands of houses lost power and sustained damage, Lang's reinforced property made it through the storm. However, he still faces difficult days ahead.

"There`s no police or fire to respond. You're on your own," he said.

He said that all they can do now is pull together and pick up the pieces.

"There`s definitely a need for people to help rebuild after the storm," added Lang.

The need for help is so great that the northeast Ohio American Red Cross chapter said they are condensing their normally five day training program into two days so they can get as many volunteers down to Florida as quickly as possible.

In addition to volunteers, the American Red Cross is always looking for monetary donations during these situations.

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