Calling all Nutella lovers! M&M’s releasing new hazelnut spread flavor

MCLEAN, Va. — Love Nutella? Love M&M’s? Well, now your dreams are coming true — Mars, Inc. candy company is making hazelnut spread M&M’s.

According to TODAY, M&M’s announced last month that the new candies are hitting the shelves in April 2019.

The M&M’s reportedly won’t be made with actual Nutella, but these new candies were inspired by the taste of the popular hazelnut spread.

According to People, Hazelnut Spread M&M’s are filled with a creamy, nutty filling and coated in milk chocolate and the classic candy coating.

TODAY reports that some of the early taste-testers of these candies are raving about them, but others have said M&M’s “missed the mark.”

I guess the only way to really know if these M&M’s truly resemble Nutella is to try them in the spring!

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