Local mom using billboard to fight bullying in wake of son’s suicide

HURON COUNTY, Ohio --  A local mother is channeling her grief into action and using a billboard to send a message and combat bullying . She says her son was "bullied to death."

There were no red flags or warning signs, says Anna Hershiser before her teenage son Caleb took his own life.

The kindhearted, shy 14-year-old had a smile that would light up a room, loved his family, fishing and his friends.

“He did not walk into a room without saying 'hi, I love you' or leave a room without saying 'goodbye, I love you,'” said Anna.

Caleb attended Willard City Schools in Huron County and had been bullied when he was younger, but his parents thought it had stopped.

They only learned after his death on April 2, 2017 that he was still being targeted.

“They were still pushing him into lockers, knocking his books out of his hands, calling him names,” said Anna.

Immediately Anna, family and friends began speaking out against bullies and started a non-profit foundation called the CALEB Anti Bullying Cause.

“Because I wasn’t given the chance to save him,” said Anna, “We’re taking our energy and just focusing on helping others.”

For the month of October, National Bullying Prevention Month, they put up a billboard along OH-61S at Graham RD encouraging kindness.

This Saturday October 6th they’re asking people to meet at Norwalk High School, 350 Shady Lane Drive in Norwalk at 1 p.m.

A photographer will take pictures there and then everyone will go over to the billboard for an even more important photo shoot, that Anna hopes will send a strong message to kids being bullied.

“We want people to see, look you’re not alone, look how many people are standing here, you know to make a stand,” says Anna.

Anna says, she will do whatever it takes to save lives and prevent other families from experiencing the pain and heartbreak they’re going through.

She even wants to somehow reach out to the bullies themselves because she says they’re doing it for a reason and need help too.

More on the CALEB Anti-Bullying Event, here.

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